DTF Gang Sheet

  • $5.00 to $35.00 set up fee will be charge if file is not print ready
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DTF transfers are excellent for use on, 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton/poly blends, triblends, canvas, jeans,hats, bags and much more!

Custom Art: If your image is too big to upload please email us the file and your order number. Please be sure your artwork is in high resolution 300 dpi and saved as a PNG with no background. Other acceptable artforms: PDF, PSD (CMYK) or TIFF (sRGB) files with transparent and vectorized artwork, with any writing converted into outlines or vector.

Print Color mode: CYMK  

Maximum width is 22 inches x length of your choosing at checkout time. If you are between sizes, for example you need only 52 inches, please checkout for 60 inches, not 50 inches.  IF THE ARTWORK DOES NOT MEET REQUIREMENTS, WE WILL HAVE TO CANCEL YOUR ORDER. 


Colors: Colors showing on a computer screen(RGB) do not reflect the actual CMYK print. You must check your colors, we can not match colors, however we try to reproduce the closest color image we have in our CMYK color range. We do not check colors for you and we do not change colors on submitted images. Please check your pantone colors as what you see on the screen is not necessarily what will print.

Small, Fine Print: Words less than 0.25 inches will not come out well and will most likely not transfer onto the garment. Fine, tiny details will not adhere to the transfer. Be sure to add a stroke and make any fine details thicker for best results. 

Transparency effects:  Transparency, see through effects and drop shadows most times do not work for DTF. Please take off any shadow or gradient effects as it will not print as you see on the screen. We can create screen print looking shadows or gradient effects at an extra cost.

Quality of file: Artwork needs to be created in 300 DPI for best print quality. Images with lower quality will not print well. The printing process needs a high quality image to have a clean and neat image. Check your edge quality and watch out for pixelated images. WE CAN NOT MAKE EDITS TO SUPPLIED IMAGES UPON CUSTOMER REQUEST. THE WAY YOU SEND THE IMAGE IS THE WAY IT WILL PRINT. 

Copyrights: We are not allowed to print any copyrighted or trademarked designs. Please only send designs that you own the copyrights for.

Email: alphagc409@gmail.com for any questions and inquiries.



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